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  • Top 5 UK law firms worth £29bn

    Posted on 24th August 2016 in News

    Shares in Top 50 UK commercial law firm Gateley are trading at an all-time high. The top 50 law firm recently posted pre-tax profits of £11m and is now valued at £125.5m compared to £100m in June 2015 when it floated. 

    Based on that calculation, 4 of the top 5 UK law firms by revenue would sit comfortably in the FTSE 100.

    DLA Piper announced profits of £404m at the beginning of the year and would be worth £4.4bn.  Clifford Chance recently posted pre-tax profits of £494m which would give them a value nearly £5.4bn. Allen and Overy logged a £562m profit which could see them priced at £6.1bn. Linklaters recorded a £612m profit before tax which would bring them in close to £6.6bn too. Freshfields racked up £617m which means they would weigh in at £6.7bn.

    The FTSE 100 is an index of the 100 stock exchange listed companies with the highest market capitalisation. Recently Royal Dutch Shell that heads the list was valued at £156bn. Companies at the lower are valued around the £4.3bn figure. A FTSE 100 listing can see transactional volumes increase and valuations rise as institutional investors and pension fund managers acquire shares in these businesses as part of a wider investment strategy.   


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