We are delighted to confirm that, as of July 2021, we have been awarded Platinum status by the prestigious community interest organisation, Investors in People.

Platinum is the highest level of accreditation assigned against the IIP standard, which positions us within the top 2% of the 50,000 international businesses on their records. The company’s audit framework assesses the latest workplace trends, essential skills, and effective structures within a business – and these standards have only skyrocketed over the past 29 years amid efforts to mirror the pace of modern practices. Among the nation’s leading professional firms across all industries, we have been recognised for our stand-out expertise in legal recruitment.

Reaching IIP Platinum accreditation holds a bright light to the purpose of Douglas Scott and our people’s ambition. We pride ourselves on the ever-strengthening business performance and management skills that have peddled us towards this goal. Our IIP assessment results have essentially highlighted these internal expertise and the professionalism upheld in our office. It has been an honour to have the IIP team witness our well-structured hybrid working models and quality-assured training provision. And, in order for us to routinely maximise these standards, we are always looking to adjust our team targets and reassess candidate career paths. This way, we can be wholly equipped in enhancing the life-long success and security of everyone involved in the workings of Douglas Scott. In support of these claims are our excellent candidate and client satisfaction rates…

We are always looking to develop our well-received and trusting services in the legal sector – and we often do so by exercising our expertise through a shared sense of reliability, inclusion, and empowerment within the team. This is whilst, at the same time, reminding all of our staff members that they each play a key role in the success of Douglas Scott. As a result, we have established a strong culture of transparency and social connection. In fact, these qualities IIP towards rewarding us Platinum; they were quick to praise us for our bounce back in performance following a series of national lockdowns. The rigorous assessment methodology, set as a benchmark for ever-improving management, demonstrates that we have ultimately excelled in using the pandemic to springboard and improve our overall performance. This acts as great testament to our people-led culture and the compatibility of our team, particularly with our business having relied on internal opinions more than ever – many of which are oftentimes brought into existence. It is hereby through prioritising our employees’ voices that we have been able to make the right decisions and cultivate sustainable, authentic results that benefit everyone involved in our day-to-day life at Douglas Scott!

Our CEO, Kathryn Riley, states, 

It is an absolute honour to be accredited Platinum status by the standards of Investors in People. At the heart of this significant accomplishment lies the dedication of our team; we could not be prouder of yet another milestone victory paying testament to their outstanding efforts. We have worked enormously hard, even amidst the pandemic, to take on the needs of individual legal candidates across the country and to position them with the perfect clients. We look forward to building upon this most recent evaluation of our business as a means to strengthen our expertise, values and staff culture even further.

In essence, being established as Platinum by IIP is a momentous achievement that speaks truth to the honourable principles, policies, and support practices that are weaved into every part of our business at Douglas Scott. This accolade pinpoints our business as one that embodies what it takes to lead, support, and manage people effectively. And what is more; we do not plan on stopping at this milestone! By continuing to tap into each other’s full potential, nurturing a healthy work environment, and finding a steady rhythm with our everyday duties, we aim to only get better with time. We remain committed to our up-hill journey of growth and development, whilst competing against the best businesses on a national scale and ensuring that people remain at the forefront the whole time.


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