Costs Team

A focus on our expertise in the professional legal Costs industry.

Following ongoing and significant changes to legislation and insurance premiums, it is no surprise to those working within costs as well those in the wider legal sector that the costs market is as diverse as ever. In what has been branded as a revolution, dramatic alterations in practice and the implementation of these changes have been extensively felt across the market. Our job is to work around these shifts and connect qualified candidates with the most suitable law firm for them.

A costs lawyer’s overarching role is to deliver advice on managing the costs of legal cases, alongside resolving any potential disputes that may occur within a claim. Before contacting our team and being recognised as a costs lawyer, candidates are expected to have undertaken at least 3 years of course training and supervised costs practice. The UK provider of the costs lawyer qualification is ACL, which offer a specific ACLT course. Suitable work experiences include; dealings with public funding/aiding industry, solicitor/client costs, and costs between parties. Once reaching certification level, duties include; scheduling costs, drafting points of dispute, attending CCMCs, replying to claims for costs, budgeting costs and advising on fee arrangements between clients and their legal advisors.


Since the reforms of April 2013, those working in costs have been required to tighten their expertise. Clients now expect candidates to handle their cases before settlement. We offer a comprehensive recruitment product covering these skills, such as requirements for all manner of individual draftsmen, both civil and commercial, including the in-focus COP and subrogated recoveries. Our costs team is skilled in managing a varied set of topics - enabling us to develop our intimate knowledge surrounding the best In-House teams and specialists alike.

Based on the most recent legal costs climate, firms expect their employees to be heavily involved in handling claims from the very initial stages through to settlement and conclusion. Employees much also be prepared for a legal bill to increase and/or halted at any given time. It is worth noting that some clients we deal with offer more flexibility for individual candidate preferences, whereas others expect employees to adapt to whichever costs case may be thrown their way.


We place great value on our candidates across all sectors, and those in costs are of no exception to the trusting and reliable services we provide. We offer, for example, insight into market rates, professional regulation and further build candidates’ career network to promote career progression. We pride ourselves on our well-received expertise in not only placing costs candidates within the right firms, but also in coaching them through the current state of what is a fast-paced and complex market. 


We partner the HR professionals, practice managers, partners and business leaders who are accountable for hiring talent into their business.


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