So which way did the legal profession vote?

Posted in Blog on 28 Jun 2016

It seems a lot longer than 2 weeks have passed since we conducted our legal sector Brexit poll when 521 legal professionals responded to our survey.

Although 57% of respondents told us they wanted the UK to stay in the European Union there were a number of parallels with the referendum that took place on Thursday 23rd June. 

The biggest stay vote came from lawyers residing in Scotland with 91% voting in favour of EU membership. 70% of legal professionals living in the South West and 66% of London based lawyers were also stayers. 

67% of legal professionals based in Wales were pro-Brexit, 57% of those living in the East of England also wanted to leave. In the East Midlands a majority of 41% were pro-Brexit and 18% were at the time still undecided.

There has been a lot of analysis of the voting patterns in the referendum with many drawing lines between young and old, regions, working class and middle class and so on. However, looking at the parallels with how the referendum vote went it appears there was some common disillusionment that resonated on a regional basis.

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