Networking Rebooted

Posted in Blog on 21 Dec 2015

Last Friday we hosted the second of our ‘Networking Rebooted’ IT Forums over at JMW Solicitors in Manchester.

We invited a handful of senior legal IT professionals from a number of different firms to participate in a lively discussion on the topic of cyber breaches and security – and were delighted to welcome Dominic Chell, Director and Co-founder of MDSec, to talk about his experiences on the topic. Of course, we also provided some bacon and sausage butties to fuel the conversation!

Dominic, a certified CREST Simulated Attack Specialist, also played a demonstration he had recorded to illustrate how simple it was to penetrate a fully patched system with up to date Anti –Virus software installed. And, I think it’s fair to say it left a few people gobsmacked with the ease at which he was able to access the “victims” system, monitoring key strokes and taking control of the system completely.

He also discussed a few of the more recent, high profile hacking incidents in recent times, offering insight into how they took place along with an idea of how much they cost. Estimates are that the recent TalkTalk hack cost between £35 - £40m.

The feedback for our Forums has been overwhelmingly positive and is something that we will continue to organise in 2016.

If you are a legal IT professional and would like to be kept in the loop about any future Networking Rebooted forums, then please contact

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