Kathryn Riley attends 'The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship'

Posted in News on 8 Mar 2019

Our CEO Kathryn Riley is privileged to have been invited to the Alison Rose ‘Review of Female Entrepreneurship’ lunch today to discuss a government commissioned report which sets out recommendations to improve female start-up & scale-up rates. 

Alison Rose, Deputy CEO of NatWest Holdings and CEO, Commercial & Private Banking, has set out the findings and recommendations of the independent review into female 

entrepreneurship, as commissioned by HM Treasury last September. 

Douglas Scott is led by two Senior Directors Kathryn Riley (CEO) and Gina Swaim-Rutter (Managing Director) with a number of females working alongside them within the leadership team. Kathryn founded Douglas Scott in 2004 out of a desire to do things differently as well as a passion for delivering high-quality service so is delighted to be attending this event alongside other female leaders.

Find out more about the Alison Rose report here.

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