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    GO! Douglas Scott

    Current Vacancies

    At Douglas Scott, we’ve got some seriously valuable assets – like our reputation, our systems and our ambition. But our most valuable asset is our people. Cliché or not, it just is! So by creating a great place to work, we know our people will become influential brand cheerleaders – the people hirers and candidates repeatedly gravitate towards, and enjoy working with.

    GO! Douglas Scott is the internal and external articulation of our employer brand.

    It’s a positive and resounding rally cry to all colleagues – from our Apprentices to our Board, our Resourcers to our Accounts Dept, our Marketing team to our IT techies – to fully embrace and live the business’s core values – and make a meaningful contribution to our team’s, and their own personal success.

    OK, let’s face it… you’re going to be spending a fair chunk of your time in the office or working remotely. That’s why we’re committed to do everything we can to help make your time as efficient, productive and enjoyable as possible.

    By constantly investing in the latest kit, recruitment tech, and managing quality data, we promise to give you all the tools, training and support you need to do your job brilliantly.

    We love seeing people surprise even themselves by proving, or discovering, how good they really are – moving up through our business, without barriers. And by grabbing your own success story by the horns, you’ll become a big part of ours. Classic win, win!

    Through a personalised professional development plan that’s aligned to your career ambitions, we’ll help you map out your future at Douglas Scott and become the best you can possibly be.

    We understand the importance of reward and recognition – and that it’s not just the money that makes you happy. Although that’s obviously important, too. So we’ll help you define what success looks like to you, and together we’ll work towards making success happen.

    Yes, our R&R package includes financial incentives – but we reckon you’re the best person to say how you’d like rewarding. So it’s over to you.

    A massive part of what makes working at Douglas Scott so rewarding is NOT working at Douglas Scott. We love what we do, but you can have too much of a good thing. Forget all that Wolf of Wall Street go-hard-or-go-home nonsense. Here it’s Go Hard and Go Home!

    Grab your coat and go spend some quality time with your other half, your kids, your pet Pug, your Geordie Shores box set. Whatever floats your boat!

    GO Hard AND GO Home

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