Women on top

Posted in Latest News on 17 Feb 2011

A recent press article claimed that the number of women directors on top company boards has increased to a record 15%. If the momentum of this growth continues, in four years, this figure could be as high as 30%. It is well documented that a balanced senior management team will improve performance and boost productively of any business or law firm.

This got Douglas Scott thinking about how this is reflected in the legal profession. Emma Holt (Managing Partner of Pannone, www.pannone.com), Karen Jackson (Director and co-owner of Roberts Jackson Solicitors) and Joy Kingsley (Senior Partner, Business Development at JMW) are all women who are at the top of their game in the legal world. Emma, Karen and Joy plus many, many others, have proven that women have a very valid and important role to play in today's legal profession; all are an excellent example to those women starting out in their legal career.

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