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Posted in Blog on 14 Mar 2019

Law firm offices play an important role during talent recruitment and retention. The best talent expects the best firms to have the best offices.

So, as the start of the new financial year looms and many firms consider budgets for workspace renovations or relocations, we take a look at where it’s worth spending money to assist talent management.

Social spaces 

Law firms are increasingly taking cues from leading tech and digital media companies and the boom in co-working office spaces. It’s not unusual to hear about legal offices now boasting bars, pool tables and games rooms. Firms don’t necessarily need to splash the cash on such fixtures, but it is useful to invest in a social space. Provide professionals with a comfortable open-plan area, keeping it light and airy and include a variety of seating and table / desk options. Employees will value this as an area to have lunch, meet with colleagues and to take-a-break from their desks.

Food for thought 

Some of the world’s top firms don’t have canteens, they have restaurants. Easy access to a range of great tasting fresh food is appreciated by employees, who may otherwise opt for less healthy options due to their convenience. Not all law firms have the space to develop and house a restaurant in their offices. This is where the social space comes into its own. It can be used to host pop-up food stands and mobile caterers, providing employees with doorstep access to an ever-changing array of foods.

Working-in work outs 

Either on the way to work or after leaving the office for the day, many lawyers will take a trip to the gym, attend an exercise class or enjoy a competitive game of squash or badminton. Likewise, many legal professionals keep active by cycling to work. Providing facilities that support these pursuits appeals to employees. Office designs are increasingly incorporating secure parking for bikes, locker-style storage for professionals to keep their sports kits, as well as changing and shower facilities.

Connecting with tech 

In many businesses, the IT team are often hidden away, only ever existing on the end of a phone when help is needed or appearing in the boardroom when the screen doesn’t work. Leading law firms are defying this conventional approach to tech support and making their IT helpdesks visible and accessible. Techbars in the style of Apple’s Genius Bar are an impressive feature of the office and also provide grateful employees with an easy way of resolving tech issues beyond ‘switching it off and back on’.

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