What has Team GB's success got to do with us?

Posted in Latest News on 13 Aug 2012

Wow! What a fantastic fortnight it was, sixteen days to be precise. The doom mongers were silenced as Britain put on a great show and Team GB mucked in with a record medal haul taking third place in the medals table with 65 in total; 29 Gold, 17 Silver and 19 Bronze. Both Rowing and Track Cycling did especially well with nine medals each. Athletics gained six and Boxing, Equestrian and Sailing all achieved a very commendable five medals each.

Here at Douglas Scott we are all feeling 'good vibes' from the Olympics! We wondered what the legacy would be and whether business would be able to take up the baton and keep the good news coming by dragging the country out of recession. Then, like many marketing teams and publicists before us, we asked how we could subtly associate ourselves with Team GB's success without incurring the wrath of the IOC, infringing copyright or photo shopping one of our heads onto Mo Farah's shoulders! Strangely enough it did not take long...

One of our Consultants, Iona Kobbekaduwe, is a very accomplished horse rider. She has qualified for the Horse of the Year show in October and in July she came fifth in the Royal International Horse Show; a feat she is incredibly proud of as she was the only amateur in the line-up! Throughout her amateur competitions, Iona has competed against Charlotte DuJardin who won 2 gold medals for Team GB in Individual and Team Dressage. If Iona keeps on the upward spiral she could even be a part of Team GB in Brazil 2016!

(Gold medal for Hannah Allan (part of our Support team) for getting to the bottom of what Team GB's success has got to do with us here at Douglas Scott!)

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