Top tips for negotiating a pay rise

Posted in Latest News on 30 Jan 2018

Very few people relish the thought of heading into salary negotiations but it is vital for both you and your organisation that you feel you’re being fairly recognised and compensated, particularly when you’ve earned your stripes and have demonstrated loyalty. Consider what the remuneration policy is and where your current package sits within this. Are you subject to scheduled salary reviews? Is there guidance on the level of salary you receive depending on your years post qualification of experience. Look at the wider jobs market – what are others at your level currently receiving?

Once you’ve considered this context, we would always advise that you enter into negotiations with the intention to influence. The last thing you want is to back the other person into a corner and make them feel that they’re facing an ultimatum. In order to get the best outcome for all this needs to be an open discussion about what you bring to the table and what is fair remuneration taking into consideration all factors.

It’s important to try to remain as positive and professional as possible; you want to reinforce what an asset you are to your firm and how you can be depended on to keep a level head.

Be realistic about whether the organisation can afford what you’re asking for. Try to quantify the tangible value you bring to the organisation to make your case. If a business simply can’t stretch to the salary you feel you are worth, you may want to think about negotiating other benefits such as healthcare.

Salary negotiation is a challenging process for many professionals, but it can be one of the most rewarding things you do for your career. Have confidence in the value you bring to the business and let this shine. Sometimes a new role is the only way to achieve your salary expectations and it could be time to start making appointments to discuss your future.

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