Top 3 Benefits of the Midlands Private Practice Sector

Posted in Latest News on 16 Nov 2021

The Midlands have become a major legal hub over recent years, with professionals having reported the best work/life balance in the whole of the UK – along with a myriad of other benefits that come along with the region’s impressive legal landscape… 

1) Work/life balance 

Even in spite of the most recent pandemic and its halting impacts on the UK's business sector, Birmingham and surrounding areas have seen rapid growth in transport links and financial/professional service sectors. In effect, its legal firms employ over 360,000 legal professionals every year, making it the UK’s largest centre for business and financial services outside of London! What more can you ask for than City quality work with a better work/life balance?

And Midlands businesses practicing law show no signs of slowing down their fast-evolving pace. Birmingham is home to a vast number of universities and LPS providers; most notably University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, BPP and University of Law – and what an attraction these institutes have been for experienced legal professionals to migrate here from competing areas. What’s more; global head offices have been found to have moved here, too!

2) Open-plan offices 

Next, let's discuss the office perks of legal firms within the Midlands area! 

Open-plan offices are a luxury not physically possible for busier regions - but can be advantageous for many reasons. Firstly, training junior lawyers becomes easier as they’re able to absorb from everyone and learn from their senior counterparts faster. Secondly, the transfer of work is instant – essential for when clients want a more cost-effective solution.

Overall, Midlands’ open offices meet the demand of top-quality employment services for those needing to avoid the overhead costs attached to capital. This gives the Midland’ legal sector a competitive advantage over firms without large regional offices!

The Midlands are home to over 11,000 centres of legal services employment. We offer a full, friendly team of experienced recruitment consultants with strong client networks across the Midlands Private Practice sector… 

3) Flexible working hours

Although the hybrid working model is perceived as more viable from a long-term perspective, the WFH model has been widely accepted and proven successful for the Midlands Private Practice sector. The Midlands legal job market is a shifting landscape full of options when it comes to working hours. Employers demonstrate great flexibility for their staff; encouraging professionals to work to their own schedule. And this sort of agile approach is set to stay for the foreseeable future of the Midlands legal sector.

Hereby another reason as to why the Midlands strikes the best work-life balance over the UK legal sector - along with moderate commute times and hitting 5 hours extra contractual hours a week above than the national working week average. This is all thanks to a growing numbers of legal professionals and an increasing flow of work out of London and international offices - making the Midlands an increasingly local legal market!

To explore your prospects within the expanding and ever-evolving legal sector situated within the Midlands regions, contact our friendly team! 

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