The Revolutionised Northwest Private Practice Sector

Posted in Latest News on 8 Feb 2022

The Northern Powerhouse, a concept invented by George Osborne, is seriously setting the scene for northern cities becoming strong legal hubs…

The Northern Powerhouse 

Rewind a decade – the majority of Britain’s legal activity was centred in London and surrounding areas. Recently, north-shoring has led to many firms relocating to cities such as Manchester and Liverpool. Reasons mainly being increased office space, reduced costs, and an ability to serve a wider client range nationwide.

Aside from the north offering lower living costs, The Northern Powerhouse Rail has made it much easier to travel between the north and south; resulting in stronger trading routes across the country in much less time. Population figures have hereby seen a spike in the north as it continues to grow into a hotspot for legal practice.

Population Increase

The Northern Powerhouse and NS3 specifically, are making a major difference to the entire North West region. For example, population in major cities is likely to face a significant boost - which encourages greater numbers of businesses to relocate from London and surrounding areas.

In turn, nationwide organisational activity is increasing across a wide range of corporate sectors, but particularly for legal firms required to manage complex regulatory factors when relocating a firm from one place to another. As a result, northern-based legal services are being sought after by individuals moving to emerging legal hubs in Liverpool and Manchester. Mainly for buying property, looking to set up their own organisation and domestically settle down for the foreseeable future.

Ultimately, this increase in population across northern cities will create an exponential rise in demand for legal services (namely being legal firm offices, legal professionals and imported legal resources). 

Salary Increase

Essentially, the Northwest’s increase in population will create an exponential increase in demand for legal services. In the past 3 years, northern cities saw a 7% rise in 2019 alone, with those on temp and contract roles are expected to see a significant increase in coming years – namely in the Midlands, London, and St. Albans.

The reason for the Northwest’s recent average pay increase is due to its fast-growing legal-tech hub, with salaries increasing on average by around 15%. The biggest pay increases are in both Private Practice and In-house jobs. What’s more – due to a UK-wide candidate shortage, in-house and Private Practice lawyers at the 2 year post-qualified experience (PQE) level will set the tone for salary increases by as much as +6%.

It is no surprise that salaries outside of the capital are on bigger salaries. Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham are particularly successful in driving in new legal business as regional tech, having garnered talented candidate pools that would've historically migrated to London.

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