The Interview: Marcus Hayes

Posted in Interviews on 3 Feb 2013

What does your Twitter profile say? Specialist Litigation Lawyer.

Why Law? I studied Law at university because it offered a vocational course that provided an intellectual and forensic challenge.  I decided to specialize in Commercial Litigation because it had a variety of disputes from Property to Corporate Affairs and it meant that no case or claim was the same.

Describe your firm in three words. Entrepreneurial, dynamic and client focused!

What do you enjoy most about your job? Working with a great team of people and interesting clients!

What is the most challenging element of your job? Balancing costs with the expectations of a client! In particular, one of the key challenges at the moment is defending substantial commercial clients who are often involved in proceedings brought by impecunious claimants.

Tell us about your landmark case. There are so many different cases that I have been involved in!  Probably the most challenging was being instructed by a limited company and its directors with regards to allegations concerning alleged breaches of the UN Serbia and Montenegro embargo.  The case was significant as it involved a substantial period of time in Macedonia, working with the British Embassy and the Chamber of Commerce there and it was the only case at the time brought in the UK with regards to this embargo.

What does the future hold for the legal profession? A very uncertain future I think!  The on-going opening up of legal markets will involve a great deal of challenges for both Lawyers and law firms.  Regarding Alternative Business Structures, the legal industry will need to come to terms with external third party capital in its market and it will need to adapt accordingly.

Who has been the biggest single influence or aspiration in your career? My parents! Without their patience and support, it would have been impossible for me to go to university and begin a legal career!

What advice would you give to an ambitious Solicitor at the start of their career? To take every opportunity to broaden your experience to help you decide what areas of law you would be particularly interested in.  This is why it has been a pleasure for the Mason Hayes Charitable Trust to work with the University of Sussex and offer undergraduates a variety of work placement schemes with private banks, members of the judiciary, in-house legal departments and Barristers' Chambers.

What has been your greatest achievement so far in life? Persuading my wife to marry me!

Please tell us a little bit about you? I grew up in a small Worcestershire town and travelled before embarking on my further education. I was the first person in my family to go to university; the University of Sussex.  Originally determined to pursue a Training Contract in London, I decided instead to come to Manchester as the city offered a more interesting prospect, both socially and from a career point of view.  I qualified as a Solicitor and now live in southern Cheshire with my two children and wife. I currently spend a large amount of my time Litigating on behalf of clients on substantial and complex Commercial Litigation disputes that often involves advising clients not just in England and Wales but also internationally. Outside work I am a keen cyclist and follower of Bolton Wonderers Football Club.  My energies have also been devoted to establishing the Mason Hayes Charitable Trust which provides funding and support for a variety of youth orientated projects throughout the UK.

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