The forecast for Wednesday is hot!

Posted in Blog on 3 Feb 2013

We had a bit of spare time the other week and thought we would shine a light on interview times just to see if there were any trends and the like. You know, what's hot and what's not.

It seems like Wednesday is the best day for having an interview, producing more successful outcomes than any other day. Friday is also good and the trend does seem to point towards late morning appointments.

Rob Kay, Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Managing Director of Beechwood Business Psychologists agrees with our findings, "the quality of an interview and the decision that is made ultimately rests with the interviewer. If we think about this from the interviewers perspective, by Wednesday we are likely to be well on the way to doing what we set out to do for that working week together with the knowledge of what still needs to be done before the weekend. We are 'balanced'."

Being short-listed is never a bad thing and candidates should of course always demonstrate flexibility when it comes to interview requests, but if both parties are planning ahead it could make sense to opt for a Wednesday.

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