The 2 Nebuchadnezzar Challenge

Posted in Blog on 10 Nov 2016

No, it's not an update on the latest English football team night out. For the 2nd year on the trot the Douglas Scott team rolled their sleeves and donated blood in the run up to Halloween.

In 2015 we spilt 20 pints, this year we thought we would ramp up the pressure a bit and targeted ourselves with a 50-pint spill, the equivalent of 2 Nebuchadnezzar's of claret.

We had an amazing response, with several donation virgins giving blood for their first time and some of our suppliers even tipping up.

With a few more appointments still in the pipeline we will not be far off target and everyone should be proud of their contribution again this year.

Over 6,000 donations are needed each day to treat patients across the country. If you would like to donate as an individual or a business you can find your nearest centre here 

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