Relight your fire – top 5 tips on how to fall back in love with your career

Posted in Latest News on 12 Feb 2020

We all go through rocky patches in our careers (even in jobs we love). Often distracted by trivial matters or unrelated politics, we often lose sight of what first attracted us to pursue our current paths and goals.

The following five top tips are intended to help rekindle the love for your career.

1). Take a step back and evaluate

Clarity can be key – sometimes taking a step back and looking at issues from a different perspective can be illuminating. To avoid feeling lost at sea, it is essential to regularly question what your career goals are and to have an idea as to how you can achieve them. Often too much attention is placed upon the micro issues that affect our lives and as a result we can lose sight of the bigger picture. 

Firstly, look at your CV and establish what is missing or perhaps blocking you from being able to fulfil your dreams. Cross-reference this with your current job description and see exactly what you were originally brought on board to do, then analyse this in relation to your present workload. If you find that you are working overtime on matters that are not part of your core competencies, or that your role has significantly moved in an alternative direction and you are not content with this shift,  you must address this appropriately and directly with your employer. Ascertain what actually makes you happy and what you want to prioritise when building your career, more importantly establishing whether or not your current role or employer offer you what you desire.

2). Pros and Cons

Planning and organisation are great ways to regain control. After you have analysed your issues, it is time to review your options. A good way to do this is to create a list detailing the pros and cons of your current position - an exercise to help clarify and consolidate your thoughts. Here the balance may tip either positively, acting as a reminder of the things taken for granted, or more negatively. This method also means that problems causing you distress can be addressed in an external manner, removing emotion from the mix. Psychologically, it may also encourage a feeling of control, enabling you to think more proactively and become more likely tackle your issues head on.

3). Revisit a past project or assignment that gave you job satisfaction

It may seem vain to bask in your own glory but reviewing your past successes can give you that needed boost and serve as a reminder that you can deliver quality work as well as generate results. Revisiting work that gave you job satisfaction can provide a great morale boost and keep you motivated through difficult situations. Thinking about why you hold a particular assignment or project in high regard may also reveal your own motivations – for instance if you brought on board a difficult yet high net worth client then this could mean your goals are more financially and status orientated. Or, if you excelled at training a colleague or subordinate and take pride in their progress, this could indicate that you view your successes with a more internally focused mind, prioritising teamwork and workplace development.

4). Open up

A problem shared is a problem halved; talking through problems with a trusted colleague or loved one can not only take a weight of your shoulders but they may be able to provide you with advice and even offer some support. It is not healthy to let negative thoughts fester, particularly when solutions are out there. Talking through what is bothering you is the perfect way to vent constructively.

Going one step further, when addressing workplace issues many people fear they will “rock the boat”. Despite this, many employers’ welcome feedback, especially when these have an impact on productivity and activity, with many companies desiring to maintain corporate cultures of openness, efficiency and communication. The hallmark of a good employer is often found in the degree to which their workers feel empowered to raise and discuss their problems, and, how well these are handled by business managers and leaders.

5). Look elsewhere

When a relationship fails it’s unhealthy to stay in it… the same applies to your career. If you’ve done everything possible to make it work with your current employer to no result, then the time may have come to make a change. You may find yourself still in love with a goal yet trapped, with not conceivable way to reach this. If you are a Professional Services professional and this describes your situation then why not get in touch with us. Exploring your options is something you owe to yourself especially in terms of guaranteeing your future happiness.

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