Promotions Retain Top Legal Talent

Posted in Latest News on 13 Jun 2022

Employers continue trying to out manoeuvre hirers in the battle for talent with a record number of promotions taking place across our client firms. 

Clifford Chance has demonstrated the highest number of promotions in the smallest space of time, with 37 of its lawyers becoming partners in its 2022 cohort (the largest for the firm since 2007).

Data we crunched when putting together our 10th annual Salary and Benefits survey seems to validate our belief that employers are working harder than ever to retain their senior employees.

75% of partners have secured pay rises in the last 12 months compared to 67% in 2019. 62% of senior lawyers have been promoted or secured a pay rise this year – a 5% year on year increase. Meanwhile, the average pay rise amount secured in role rather than on a move has risen from around 5,000 to now around 12,500. Once again strong evidence to support our 2022 assertion that enhanced employer propositions and clearer career plans are helping employers maintain an edge over hirers in the battle for talent.

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