Job security returns to legal profession

Posted in News on 22 Mar 2018

The number of lawyers concerned about their job security has dropped to a 5 year low according to our research.

Just 8% of the legal profession cited job security as the main motivator for changing jobs in 2018, a rate that has been steadily falling from its 5 year peak of 21% at the beginning of 2014.   

As a consequence the number of legal professionals actively looking to change jobs has also shrunk to a 5 year low. 24% of the legal talent pool will be actively looking to change jobs in 2018, down 4 percentage points since 2017 and 17 points from its 5 year peak in January 2015.  

With the number of lawyers non-committal about a move remaining steady over the same period, 48% of the legal profession is planning to stay put in 2018, up from 41% in 2017 and a five year low of 31% in 2015.

Jon-Paul Hanrahan, Associate Director:

“The legal sector took a battering during the recession which was compounded by changes in public funded work and litigation and the liberalisation of the legal services market. It wasn’t until 2015 that most lawyers started to think about getting their careers back on track again. With job security fears subsiding Solicitors and lawyers can focus on making proactive choices about their careers.”     

Ambition is consistently the biggest driver in the legal sector job market and 2018 is no different according to our research with 1 in 4 legal professionals motivated to change jobs to progress their careers. Next best is salary with 1 in 10 citing money as the main reason to move.

We surveyed 3,000 legal professionals to produce our 2018 annual Salary and Benefits Benchmarker, the 6th in the series of legal sector specific big data surveys.  

If you are motivated to change jobs this year then make sure you investigate the legal sector recruitment market thoroughly before making a move. Check out all the latest private practice jobs in regional, national and international law firms and in house legal jobs with within UK commerce and industry.

Jon-Paul Hanrahan

Associate Director
0161 233 6360

Jon-Paul has been with Douglas Scott since its inception and has played a major role in the company's strategic direction, building the brand, and developing relationships with law firms across the UK. He currently heads the North West Private Practice team, overseeing the delivery of recruitment services across all practice areas. Jon-Paul has experience in lateral hire and team moves having spent 15 years building his contacts within the legal market. Jon-Paul graduated from University with a BSc Joint Honours in Geography & American Studies and is a graduate from the University of Central Lancashire’s Top Team Managerial Programme.  

"I found JP and the service to be extremely efficient. JP is very knowledgeable, and he made me feel like he wanted the best for me out of the whole process. I felt I could trust him. He gave me a very complete service and responded to all questions excellently. All in all, a brilliant service from Douglas Scott."

Litigation Solicitor | Greater Manchester

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