Interview with Steve Cornforth

Posted in Interviews on 5 Jan 2012

Every month we will be featuring an interview with one of our connections from the legal world and beyond. This month we have Steve Cornforth, Senior Partner of EAD Solicitors and recently elected President of the Liverpool Law Society.

What does your Twitter profile say about you?
President of Liverpool Law Society, Senior Partner EAD, Everton Fan!
Which 3 words best describe EAD Solicitors?
Modern, Imaginative, Relevant.
Congratulations on being elected as Chairman of Liverpool Law Society. What does the post mean to you?
Being President of Liverpool Law Society is source of great pride especially as I was employed by the society when I worked at the Vauxhall Law Centre. Liverpool is the most active and influential regional Law Society. I see this as an opportunity to represent our members and to be a voice on my main topic in interest - Access to Justice.
Who's been the biggest professional influence on your career, and why?
Lots of influences but main one - Mr Justice Hedley (formerly barrister).
What's the best advice you could give a young, ambitious solicitor at the start of their legal career?
Don't do it!! (joke) - set your goals and go for it. There will be difficulties ahead but you are not alone and you will get there.
What did you do last night and what will you be doing today?
Quiet party at home with family members who have descended from across the country and today I will be recovering! 

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