Interview with Andrew Leakey, Partner at Stephenson's Solicitors LLP

Posted in Interviews on 3 Feb 2013

1. What does your Twitter profile say about you?
I'm passionate about justice issues.

2. Please tell us a little bit about Andrew Leakey
Born in Blackpool, but bred in Leigh.  I went to Liverpool University followed by Chester College of Law.  I'm a rare animal; I've been at one firm all my professional life.  I started at Stephenson's as a student in 1991; I qualified in 1997 and was made a Partner in 2002.  I now run our Social Welfare teams;  working directly for consumers in housing law, employment, welfare, debt and general consumer problems.  My ambition is to continue to deal with cutting edge cases that deliver justice to vulnerable people.

3. Which 3 words best describe Stephenson's?
Innovative, direct and passionate.

4. Who's been the biggest professional influence on your career and why?
I have two influences. Rosemary Holcroft, my Training Principal for Litigation.  Brilliant litigator and she's never afraid to stand up for her clients or something that she believes in.  Ann Harrison, our Chairwoman; great leader and mentor.

5. What's the best advice you could give a young, ambitious Solicitor at the start of their legal career?
Don't get sucked into the corporate gravy train.  Find something you care about and pursue it.  Relentlessly.

6. What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?
I play hockey, snowboard and generally run around after my 3 children.  I'm trying to learn guitar in between all of that and occasionally I play in a band at my church.  I'm also involved with the Message Trust who works with the most excluded people in Manchester and other UK cities (

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