How to Improve Your Passive Job Hunting Skills

Posted in Latest News on 17 Oct 2023

Here at Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment, we specialise in recruitment for people actively looking for job roles. However, our recent salary survey found that many respondents are passive job seekers.  

You may not have considered being a passive job seeker before, but if you are considering other options, are open to hearing about new opportunities, or are networking with people who can offer new opportunities, you might be a passive job seeker. 31% of people we surveyed might be passive job seekers, increasing to around 41% for people over 58. So, how can people put themselves in a solid position to start looking in earnest when needed? Here are some tips to help those passive job seekers. 

1.    Use LinkedIn Prolifically – LinkedIn will help you sell yourself to the right people, so make sure your profile details your experience and you post regularly on the platform.  

2.       Recommendations – Writing LinkedIn recommendations for connections whose work you'd like to recognize will provide visible references for potential employers.  

3.       Social Networking – It's essential to recognise that LinkedIn is just one social media platform you can use. Facebook, X, and Instagram are also platforms you can promote yourself on.  

4.       Build a Network – Not only will you want to build a network of people you can continue to tap, but you’ll also want to keep adding to it. By expanding it regularly, you’ll develop the range of people who are likely to be interested in you.  

5.       Stay Connected – It’s essential to stay connected to your network, so keep in touch regularly with them and check in to see what might be available.  

6.       Check Job Listings – Ensure you keep up-to-date with jobs available in your sector, even if you look only once a week.  

7.       Update Your CV – Make sure your CV is updated with everything you are currently working on, and write a draft cover letter you can easily reuse.  

8.       Interview Prep – Even simple things like keeping some holidays in reserve or getting any references you might need are an excellent way to prepare for potential interviews if the right opportunity arises.   

While you might not think you are ready to move from one job role to another, it can’t hurt to prepare yourself if the right opportunity arises. These simple things can help you in the long run, as when you want to make a move, you are ready and have plenty of things to show off.  

If you want to chat with any of our consultants about their markets, feel free to email or reach out on LinkedIn to discuss what could be right for you. 

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