Desktops, laptops and 3G mobiles

Posted in Latest News on 23 Nov 2011

We use a nifty bit of software to produce and manage our monthly newsletter "Always the first"; the first one went out yesterday on the 1st November and we were keen to keep our eye on the stats.

Playing around with the reporting and monitoring features I came across the "world view" button and what an amazing site that was. A map of the UK appeared and within seconds of the newsletter going out green flags started appearing telling us who had read it and where. Claire in Manchester, James in City of London, Shabnam in Leeds, Mark in Birmingham were all appearing on the map real time as they opened their emails.

Zooming out from the UK revealed that some of our candidate database were reading our newsletter across Europe in France, Spain, Italy with one in Russia. Zooming out further we had half a dozen or so in the USA, one in quite a cold looking part of Canada and another intrepid sole down in Peru. Sweeping back across the Atlantic we had someone who may have been on holiday in Gran Canaria and a candidate enjoying the sun in The Gambia. Across the Indian Ocean we had readers in The Seychelles, Malé, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. We had several recipients in the Middle East in Israel, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. Finally I navigated down to the bottom of the globe and found the winner of the furthest travelled prize that being Emma who opened our newsletter in Auckland.

There will be a lot of stories behind those statistics, any number of journeys taken by planes, trains and automobiles that have taken people away from or back to family and friends. However it is without doubt the case that keeping in touch is now touch button, through desktops, laptops and 3G mobiles the world has become a smaller place and if you want to keep updated on the latest news from Douglas Scott when you are backpacking in Peru, then please do not hesitate to sign up to the newsletter on our homepage. :)

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