Could flexi-time come up trumps?

Posted in Blog on 28 Mar 2013

The introduction of flexi-time could improve staff attraction and retention in law firms; that's according to some recent research carried out by us.

We surveyed over £19 million of payroll. Only 19% of respondents were on flexi-time, it was the 2nd least popular benefit amongst employers with gym membership bottom of the league with 17.5%. Sick pay was top of the league with 59% of respondents stating it formed part of their benefits package.

There was no significant difference in the percentage of males and females on flexi time but working environment and job type did impact. For example 73% of public sector employed respondents were on flexi time as opposed to 16% in general practice, 13.6% in top UK firms and 11.5% in multi branch private practice. 20% of qualified candidates had the benefit of flexi- time as opposed to only 7% in legal support. Those who worked flexi time were 5% less likely to move for money reasons but just as likely to move for reasons of progression.

43% of respondents put flexi-time at the top of their wish list. It seems that women value the benefit more than men with 51% of the former opting for it as opposed to 30% of the latter. As more and more women enter the profession - according to the Law Society Annual Statistical Report 2011 46.5% of Solicitors with a Practice Certificate were women, 63.5% of new traineeships were women and of new admissions new 59.1% were women - it could be a great time to play the flexi-time card.

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