Christmas Career Countdown - Day 7

Posted in Latest News on 17 Dec 2017

An interview is a two-way process. It should be about ascertaining whether you are the correct fit for the company, not only from the hirers perspective, but from yours too. Most interviews consist of a question and answer format and include an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have at the end.

Use this time wisely- asking questions is not only useful in terms of finding out information it also makes you look organised, engaged, and interested in the position and the company. Ask the right questions. Preparing some general questions in advance is advisory. These could vary from anything future orientated like ‘where do you see the firm in the next five years?’, to something based more around the culture and environment of the company like ‘what do you enjoy most about working here?’. Additionally, specific questions about the work itself and requests for further elaboration on certain points raised by the interviewers are always received well. 

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