Christmas Career Countdown - Day 6

Posted in Latest News on 16 Dec 2017

The interview is a vital part of the process; it’s a chance to showcase your personality. Your CV does not always highlight all of your experience, so it allows the hiring manager to identify your skillset in relation to the role.

It may seem simple but master the basics! Firstly, make sure you know the interviewer’s names and their roles within the company. Also, you can make a positive impression through body language, eye contact and through your appearance- always dress in smart attire. Arrive early and switch off your phone. If the interview isn’t your standard face-to-face format don’t let this phase you. On telephone interviews the interviewer can now judge you on your appearance/ body language so ensure you sound enthusiastic and you have right questions to delve deeper into the role. Make sure you are relaxed, use a secure line, and have everything you need close to hand.

Preparation is key – research the company’s website and ensure you are familiar with their main areas of specialism. Research the market and identify their main competitors. Read through the job spec thoroughly and relate this back to your CV to identify any potential questions they may ask. When discussing your experience in previous roles, ensure you are connect this to the current requirement/ job role. Remember, it is all about how you can add value to the team/law firm.

Sell yourself; talk about your experience, as well as things relevant to you, such as additional responsibilities, size of caseload, client base, and any challenging projects undertaken. Know your figures inside and out. How are you targeted? do you exceed your target? They want to see that you are reliable and can consistently bring results. 

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