Christmas Career Countdown - Day 5

Posted in Latest News on 15 Dec 2017

Personal brand is a creative way to stand out and there’s no better way to demonstrate this than through social media. When it comes to networking and engagement with social influencers, LinkedIn is particularly important. A high percentage of recruiters also use LinkedIn to find talented candidates. Being digitally active gives your profile great exposure to a wider audience. To do this you could join LinkedIn groups as well as participate in online discussions and webinars. Social media allows you to keep up to date with news and events relevant to your area. You could also see advertised conferences, breakfast seminars, and podcasts.

As well as the advantages social media can bring, if managed incorrectly, there can also be some significant downsides. All your personal and professional information should be truthful and as up to date as possible on your profile. Present yourself the way you want others to perceive you. Potential and current employers, as well as colleagues, have visibility of what you post and share. So, be aware of your social profile and keep your social media professional. 

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