Christmas Career Countdown - Day 4

Posted in Latest News on 14 Dec 2017

Usually your CV is the first opportunity you have to impress a prospective employer. Your CV is a great way promote yourself and is the easiest way to outline your career history, experience, key skills, and motivations in one place for easy access. Try and tailor your CV to each application you make as well as keeping it up to date. This should make you aware of any enhancements your CV may need.

If you are working in a similar role to a previous one, employers are keen to understand where you have progressed in your latest role. Detail of your development when reading through your CV chronologically makes for good reading.

The content of your CV is important. Check, Check and re check, spelling and accuracy are everything here. If it’s baroque, fix it. Hirers spend an average of 6 seconds reviewing your CV before making the initial yes or no decision. Keep it concise, in a tidy format and include relevant information– under 2 pages is the gold standard.

Ensure you stand out by removing or reducing generic cliché’s like ‘hard worker’, ‘highly motivated’, and ‘enthusiastic’. Your CV should represent you and not a google search.

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