Christmas Career Countdown - Day 1

Posted in Latest News on 11 Dec 2017

We’ve all heard the classic cliché question: “what do you want to be when you grow up”. But how likely is it that our jobs are predetermined by our childhood fantasies of becoming astronauts, footballers and famous film-stars?

More of a relevant focus would be what is your career aspiration or goal?

Is your ideal position something that you’ve trained for and is your career path clear from the outset? Or, is it more abstract and does finding the perfect role require a more imaginative approach?  

As HR manager at Douglas Scott and being in a people centric role, I’d encourage you to think about what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. If you find an element of your current job interesting and want to pursue it further, then explore all avenues and opportunities open to you. This could be management aspects, department marketing and promotional activities, fee-earning or work on specialist projects.

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