Births and Deaths

Posted in News on 5 Aug 2014

On 28th July the Law Gazette reported on the roll out of the SRA's new training regulations and the birth of a fantastic opportunity for LPC graduate Paralegals to go on to qualify as Solicitors without having to go down the Training Contract route. 

Instead of the current prescribed two year training programme, the SRA Training Regulations 2014 will look for a "period of recognised training" - effectively calling time on the traditional Training Contract. 

The reform further demonstrates the SRA's commitment to an outcomes focused regulatory regime. Somewhere along the line someone must have asked the question - if a "period of training" produces the same results as the traditional four Seat contract then why not? 

So further change for the profession to digest but if we are reading this right, a second bite at the cherry for all those LPC graduates who took Paralegal roles in the interim and in many ways a shot in the arm for diversity and social mobility within the legal sector. 

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