Biggest Battle Yet for Legal Talent

Posted in Latest News on 13 Jun 2022

The pendulum has officially swung in favour of current employers in battle for legal sector talent, and this is how...

According to ONS figures, there was a record-high number of job-to-job moves in the 1st quarter of 2022, supporting the ongoing economic trend that is the Great Resignation. According to data we acquired while undertaking our 10th annual Salary and Benefits Benchmarker, the legal sector is bucking that trend and hirers are facing their biggest challenges yet in the battle for talent.

The number of legal professionals actively looking to change jobs has dropped to 24%, a sharp fall from 28% in 2021 and on a parallel with 2018 when the shadow of Brexit hung over the jobs market. Pay and conditions, clearer internal career paths, have all helped tip the balance in favour of employees over hirers. Passive candidate numbers are unchanged from 2021. It goes without saying, hirers are having to work harder than ever to secure talent and drive growth in their business.

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