Always the First has international appeal!

Posted in Blog on 6 Mar 2013

In 2011 the first 'Always the First' was sent out to just over 14,000 recipients. 1st March 2013 issue was received by nearly 17,500 legal professionals across many legal sectors. The majority were based in the UK but we also have a global following!

We often wonder what people are doing when we get an 'open' abroad. Holiday? Working? Maybe returned home? So if you are one of our readers in USA, India, Spain, New Zealand, France, UAE, Armenia, Ireland, Canada, Israel, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Maldives, Namibia, Denmark, Bahamas, Portugal, Algeria, Brazil, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, Austria, Sri Lanka we would love to hear your story! What are you up to? Tell us about your journey. What are your plans?

Please mail Hannah with your story. She's tough but if she thinks it is worth sharing, you may feature in next month's 'Always the First' :)

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