9 Reasons to use a Recruiter

Posted in Latest News on 13 Jun 2022

We discuss some of the main reasons in why everyone should absolutely use a recruiter when finding a new job role, with our Recruitment Consultant, Aaron Dyson...

1) Exposure to a Range of Roles

An experienced recruiter will have contacts throughout the market. In the case of our Recruitment Consultant specialising in the Legal Costs market, Aaron, he is in direct, daily, and trusting contact with the majority of the top 100 law firms (as well as high street firms and specialist costs firms). He therefore has unique access to job roles from firms, including first sight on the ones which are yet to be advertised in the coming days/weeks - giving his candidates an advantage on their competition. This means Costs Law job-seekers in contact with Aaron will be prioritised in consideration of a range of roles from the back of one call; as opposed to 1 role after hours of searching job boards online.

2) Simplified Technical Terms

A great recruiter will be able to summarise a role and advise if suitable based on candidate interaction and CV or profile. Many firms use technical jargon to describe a role that for all intense and purposes, is exactly what you, the candidate, is looking for however never would have known based on the subjective role title or unique description to that particular firm. This is exemplified by a Costs Draftsman feeling they are not suitable for a Technical Costs Advisor role, as this is not their current job ‘title’ although their CV tells me they are perfectly suitable for that particular role.

3) In-Depth Understanding of Roles 

An exceptional recruiter is likely to have obtained inside knowledge of the role, having either spoken to candidates who work that current role or previously placing candidates in the role and staying in touch with them. This means the recruiter can give you an insight on the general duties of that role based on what the team is actually doing, rather than the templated job ad recycled from 2018, which is used year in year out to attract attention – but outdated.

4) Access to Inside Market Knowledge 

A recruiter will generally have exceptional market knowledge based on their previous interactions with skilled candidates and an array of clients. This means when applying for a role, they will be able to give you a market value within the industry as well as an insight into the true culture of a prospective employer.

5) Hands-on CV Assistance 

You may be the master of articulating your skills or presenting your CV however an experienced recruiter will know exactly how each client likes their CV’s presented as well as the key words required to get you an interview. An exceptional recruiter will highlight those key words and display them in a way that the head of recruitment, talent acquisition team or head of department will notice. By taking the time to tailor your CV to each role, your chances of an interview will be 10-fold.

6) Confidential CV Handling

Sending your application to a generic recruitment or HR email can result in your CV being in the lost and not found for some time. Using a recruiter ensures the right person is sought to present your experience and profile to. A great recruiter will chase up your application until a response is received – whether positive or not and even obtain feedback in most circumstances as to why you were not progressed to the next stage, oppose to being met with generic feedback or none at all

7) Unique Interview Advice 

Possibly one of the biggest strengths of using a recruiter is their unique insight on each firm’s individual interview process. This comes from talks with the HR team, Talent Acquisition team and of course team leaders and heads of department as well as previous experience with other candidates interviewing there. This insight can be invaluable in allowing you to prepare for specific questions and strengthen what would have been your original response to a question. 

8) Honest Feedback

This strongly links with ‘ensuring the right people see your CV’ in ensuring constructive feedback is obtained. Although sometimes admittedly difficult to obtain in going through the channels, a recruiter is more likely to obtain ‘honest’ and ‘detailed’ feedback oppose to the generic responses. This is particularly helpful in cases where an offer is not obtained, as constructive feedback can lead to an offer on the back of the next interview.

9) Promise of the Best Possible Offer 

A great recruiter will know your worth and ensure you get the best possible offer, for you. It can be difficult to ask a new prospective employer for an increase in their offer. This can lead to either rejecting a role which was suitable because the offer was less, although the budget allowed for more, or accepting an offer and regretting it after you start your new term of employment. A recruiter will do the ‘awkward’ stuff on your behalf – in the most professional way. Meaning you will get the best possible offer, without having to go through the motions with your new firm.

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