29% of you received a bonus last year!

Posted in Blog on 8 Feb 2013

According to our recent survey, 29% of all legal professionals received a bonus last year. The survey, which formed part of the research for our 2013 Salary and Benefits Bench Marker, did reveal lots of variation across sections of the profession.

  • Of those that received a bonus, 51% worked in firms with 26 Partners or more, 30% worked in firms with one to four Partners, 13% in eleven to 25 and 7% in Partnerships of five to ten members.
  • 35% of qualified Fee Earners received a bonus
  • 6% of respondents working in Family law
  • 42% in Claimant RTA
  • 48% in Defendant RTA
  • 15% of Legal Secretaries
  • 32% of Services for Business
  • 22% of Services for Individuals
  • 21% mainly SME Dispute Resolution
  • 40% Dispute Resolution for large business and organisations
  • 19% if you work in a multi branch Private Practice
  • 36% if you work in a Top 100 UK firm
  • Only 10% of respondents who believe they are extremely underpaid received a bonus; 31% of those work in Clinical Negligence.

Download the 2013 Salary and Benefits Bench Marker for more statistics and analysis.

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