2013 Goals and Resolutions

Posted in Blog on 11 Jan 2013

We asked the team here at Douglas Scott if they had any New Years' Resolutions or Goals for 2013 and here's what they came up with?

  • Dante (Midlands) - lose weight and get fit!
  • Joanne (Yorkshire and the North East) - make the most of her new back garden (weather not necessarily permitting as she has purchased a monumental gazebo!) and have friends 'round on a regular basis!
  • Adrian (Marketing) - stop paying for stuff he never uses! Netflix is going for a start!
  • Claire (Liverpool) - drink more water; at least two litres per day!
  • Iona (North West) - own her first home by the end of the year (after four years of saving, she has finally saved her deposit and is now house hunting in earnest!)
  • Amy (North West) - finally finish decorating her house!
  • David (South West) - 100 mile bike ride in September for charity; train began in December!
  • Aimee (Office Manager) - lose weight, exercise more, clear desk of rubbish, sort out the loft and read more English literary classics! She's had these same Resolutions for about five years now and has never quite got 'round to any of them but this is the year! She's feeling positive about 2013!
  • Jon Nolan (Midlands) - a bit more exercise, do a half marathon and grow some vegetables!

2012 was a great year for Douglas Scott; not only did we go national but it looks like, for the eighth consecutive year, we managed to increase year on year turnover, this time by 25%!

In 2013 we are looking to do more; better! We want to build on our success and improve everything we do in the business which will be great for our candidates and hiring clients!

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