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  • Monthly newsletter Touchpoint now read in over 100 countries

    Posted on 27th June 2016 in News

    At a time when UK business is looking to forge new international trade ties it is perhaps timely that our monthly newsletter Touchpoint can now boast a truly global reach. Touchpoint is now read in over 100 countries and across each of the seven continents by a network of nearly 30,000 subscribers working in or orbiting the legal profession.

    Since the beginning of the year nearly 6,000 new subscribers have signed up through our website tuning in to a monthly helping of legal sector news, commentary and interviews all handmade by the in-house marketing team at Douglas Scott. 

    60% of our readers are based in the UK but in May we got past the magic 100 marking logging opens in countries far and wide including the UAE, Lebanon, Sudan, South Africa, Iran, Mexico, Chile, Russia, Iceland, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia.

    This month we have made some enhancements to the format of the newsletter and have got some exciting plans to improve the quality of our content. In the meantime we would love some feedback from our readers in the UK and across the world, so if you have some time to tell us why you read Touchpoint, what you like and how you would improve things then please email our marketing department 

    Thank you for your continuing support. 



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