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Posted in Blog on 13 Dec 2018

With Christmas fast approaching and those shopping days quickly running-out, we’ve pulled together a list of top 10 gifts for your legal loved-ones this year…..or you could always share the list to help inspire your partner, family or friends when they’re shopping for you. Merry Christmas!

1) Bulova watch

Our Salary and Benefits Benchmarker 2018 shows legal professionals work an average 6.2 hours overtime each week, with early results from our 2019 research showing this has dropped slightly to 5.43. Bring a smile to your legal loved-one’s face as they keep track of time with a Bulova watch. Available for men and women, the brand is famed for being worn by U.S. astronauts during moon landings – consider this a gift that’s out of this world. Available in the UK via the WatchShop.

2) Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang range

Ylang-ylang essential oil is renowned for its calming, stress-relieving effects – ideal for legal professionals working in busy, high pressure environments or even unwinding during the frantic festive season. Molton Brown’s range uses the oil in shower gels, an eau de toilette, candles and body lotions. 

3) Discover craft beers this Christmas

The popularity of craft beers continues to boom and discovering different brews from around the world can make a great gift for craft connoisseurs and ale amateurs alike. A subscription service makes finding new beers from small batch brewers easy. These will be handpicked by experts and delivered to your door every month. Try DiscoverBrew – the beers are beautifully packaged in boxes that would look at home hung in a frame in a gallery. A great looking and tasting present!

4) The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How it’s broken

Released earlier this year, this book is a Sunday Times best-seller and described as eye-opening, damning and hilarious. Turn the pages to learn more about the barrister’s first-hand account of the criminal justice system and why their job requires the skills of a social worker, arm-twister and hostage negotiator.

At less than £12, this could be an ideal stocking-filler. Available on Amazon – you can get it gift wrapped and delivered in a couple of days.

5) World’s best coffee

It seems to us that legal professionals love coffee more than anyone else. Whenever we visit client offices, we’re treated to great tasting, premium quality coffee. Similarly, when we’re meeting candidates, it’s over coffee and they’ll take their time choosing their favoured blend. Surely then, the world’s most exclusive coffee makes an ideal gift for legal professionals.

Kopi Luwak coffee is one of the most expensive in the world, but it’s not just pricey because of its taste, it’s due to how it’s fermented. It’s made from berries that pass through the digestive system of an Indonesian civet cat – perhaps not to everyone’s taste!? Ethically farmed Kopi Luwak is available online via Finest Coffee.

6) Travel coffee cup

While we’re on the subject of coffee, why not buy a gift that helps reduce waste. A sleek Bodum vacuum travel mug means cutting down on disposable coffee cups. Better still, it’ll keep your coffee warmer for longer than paper and plastic cups. Available from John Lewis – this could be a sustainable stocking-filler.

7) Pen for life

A good pen can make both a practical and a treasured gift for legal professionals. But pens are easy to lose or can be ‘borrowed’ to be never seen again, meaning they can prove a risky present and a pricey one if it needs quickly replacing. Thankfully Cross has an answer to this with the world’s first trackable writing instrument. Its stylish carbon and chrome ballpoint pen can be tracked up to 100 feet by Bluetooth.

8) Socks, really?

Christmas isn’t Christmas without the gift of socks, and these ‘Trust Me, I’m A Lawyer’ socks were just too good to pass-up for including in this list. Perhaps they’re one for Secret Santa – get them from Not On The High Street

9) Virtual shopper and stylist

Legal professionals are known for their sharp dress sense but are too short-on-time for clothes shopping. Give them the gift of a virtual stylist and personal shopper via Thread.com. You can buy gift vouchers here, and after a quick online consultation, the Thread stylist will then provide a selection of weekly wardrobe picks via email to suit individual tastes and budgets. The service is available for both men and women.  

10) Sense of adventure

Adventure sports can get the adrenaline pumping, providing welcome relief from a busy week in the office and a chance to recharge for the week ahead. Activities like indoor skydiving, high ropes, rocket speed boating and bouldering are all great for sharpening the senses and as well as being great fun, can assist workplace performance. Employers also take note of such personal interests, believing they show a sense of courage, determination and ambition. Try finding your own adventure with Virgin Experience Days – they offer a range of vouchers for many different pursuits.

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