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    Why Move?

    What are main motivators behind a job move? Our 2014 Salary + Benefits Benchmarker put progression, new challenge and more money amongst the top 4. Redundancy was in there too but we expect that to be a less significant factor moving out of the recession. 

    Whatever your motivation is though - and it will be personal to you - we are here to help.

    If you're clear about what you're looking for then you could find your next role in just a couple of clicks - using jobs board technology - with our comprehensive legal job search. You will find some of the best legal opportunities out there with local, regional and national private practice and commercial law firms. If you have itchy feet then take a look at our international legal jobs. We specialise in permanent and locum or contract legal opportunities.    

    Looking For a New Legal Job

    Some of our candidates will utilise our legal recruitment expertise alongside their own direct job search. A lot of our candidates however will delegate the full responsibility of their legal job search to us - which is great because it demonstrates confidence in our service and sets us a challenge to deliver. Happy to work with you whichever path you take though naturally we would prefer the latter.

    So what could go wrong with a direct application?

    Well, you need to be confident that your CV is going to hit the mark. It is your opportunity to sell yourself, to promote your personal and professional strengths and make you stand out from the crowd. Douglas Scott are Legal Recruitment experts - our consultants produce fantastic CV's that emphasise the skills,  attributes and personality traits that our clients demand in their employees. Worth remembering too - a Douglas Scott CV is a sign of quality. It says we have qualified you for the role, and are endorsing your application with our approval and expert opinion that is valued by our legal clients across the UK.

    Douglas Scott Legal Job Search vs Jobs Board

    Another thing to note is that a direct application through a jobs board could actually be a bad career move. It is important to understand the technology before submitting your CV. Legal Jobs Boards like many other Jobs Boards rely on recruitment agencies for subscription fees, agencies will advertise jobs and also pay for access to a cv database. The CV database grows as new candidates apply for jobs or sign up to the board. We have used a Legal Jobs Board CV database in the past to great effect but have recently noted some negative feedback from some of our applicants.

    Some of our applicants had found that even though they applied for one job through a site their CV was being picked up by up to a dozen other recruitment agencies the following day. Their CV would go through to the job but this would also generate any number of follow up calls from agencies hungry to get them forward to other roles. There is nothing wrong with this model if the candidate gets to hear about another exciting legal opportunity and is ultimately placed into that role. It is when agencies start taking short cuts, when your CV starts being forwarded to jobs without your approval that the problems begin. Multiple submissions can damage your credibility and also turn clients off immediately for fear of being involved in an agency cat fight.

    Another thing we have picked up on is the growing number of law firms who are subscribing to the jobs boards too. Inadvertently you may be alerting your current employer to your job search. They may be subscribed to the CV database and come across your CV the day following your application or signing up to the board - the damage to your working relationship could be dramatic.

    Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment will continue to use jobs boards to source candidates but as REC members we have committed to codes of conduct and ethics that mean that we do business the right way. We talk to all our candidates about our legal opportunities and obtain express consent before forwarding them to any of our legal jobs. We have also introduced jobs board technology to our site which means that candidates can run a comprehensive legal job search, secure in the knowledge that their privacy and personal details will only end up on the desks of our expert legal recruiters.

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    By uploading your CV to us you’ll be giving us a head start by letting us get to know your career so far. Your CV will not be forwarded to a decision maker without your approval.

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    “We gave Douglas-Scott a narrow scope for the type of individual we were looking for, and within 2 weeks they had delivered on the spec. Communication throughout was at the right level and we are delighted with our new in-house Counsel who is already adding value to the business.  …

    Steve Gosling CFO - utiligroup


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