Are Cover Letters Dead?

Posted in Latest News on 24 Jun 2021

A cover letter sends a definite message of professionalism and polish. A well-written letter allows you to confidently stand out while highlighting your key skills. So, if you’re interested in driving a highly professional message, writing a polished cover letter would seem the ideal mechanism to achieve this!

The advent of using internet-based recruiting tools however has changed the application process. Online portals where applicants can find and apply to positions make it much easier to mass-apply for jobs. As a result, most hiring managers are flooded with applications every time they post a position. These online applications come in at a much greater volume than applications in the days where a cover letter meant an ink-and-paper letter. Consequently, hiring managers have much less time to comb through applications.

Cover letters used to be one of the only ways that employers could get a bigger picture of who you are, and the internet has impacted on this also. There are multiple channels through which they can access information about you.  Increasingly, LinkedIn is being used to conduct initial vetting of applicants – or recruiting potential talent before they have even considered sending in an application.

If recruiters find and approach job candidates via LinkedIn, they are less likely to ask for a cover letter (or even a CV), because they’ve already gleaned that information from the profile.

Our advice is investing that same energy of writing a cover letter into building your professional online profile. Make sure your synopsis casts you in the best light, beyond your ability to simply do the job, include any voluntary experience to show the areas you are passionate about as an individual and ask for endorsements and testimonials from the contacts you have made in your career.

A clean CV, a strong online presence, and skillful networking – that will really make you stand out from the pack.


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