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  • As one window closes another one opens…

    Posted on 8th September 2017 in Blog

    As the biannual transfer window frenzy dies down and the dust settles, recruiters may be filled with the reminiscent rush and buzz of placing a candidate in their new role.

    There is an undeniable parallel of exhilaration from the race to place the best talent in the right role. Sure, we are unlikely to make headlines and set social media alight in quite the same way, and unfortunately, remuneration is a tad lower than our footballing counterparts. But as Sean Doherty, managing consultant of our London and Midlands teams, explores there are still lessons that firms can take away from the football transfer window period…


    Always be on the lookout for top talent

    While the annual cycle of recruitment has peaks and troughs, it is important to remember that, just as with a Premier League football club, your business is a team and any opportunities to strengthen your team with the best candidate should not be ignored. Unfortunately for those football managers that did not snap up their desired players, that opportunity is now gone and may no longer be a viable option come January. Luckily in business, deadlines aren’t - generally speaking - quite as strict as that. But it is an industry that moves at a pace, so those who are always ready for kick-off will score the most goals when it comes to sourcing the top talent for your team.

    Securing new, emerging talent for your team becomes a crucial future-facing strategy. The recruitment of Newly Qualified Solicitors brings a fresh injection of energy into a firm and facilitates the development of young legal professionals. September has always been an important month in the recruitment of graduates and with this growth in interest, activity increases at both a candidate and client level.


    Offer the best package

    Earlier in the week, Arsenal's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain turned down a move to Chelsea after the clubs agreed a £40million fee. Oxlade-Chamberlain believed Chelsea planned to use him at wing-back, yet his primary reason for wanting to leave Arsenal is to play in central midfield. With just hours before the window closed a deal was secured with Liverpool for £35million - £5million less than Chelsea’s offer. The point being that football players move clubs for a multitude of different reasons. Not just a lucrative contract. Each individual has a unique set of drivers. Location, perhaps, or the manager's vision for the team and specific role the player will have. Will the player be able to develop new skills alongside other superstars?

    Finally, the modern footballer will be looking at the wider commercial package around their own image and sponsorship rights. The key to attracting top talent is understanding each candidate’s unique motivations and this is where recruiters are best placed to help companies shape their packages.


    Proactivity not reactivity

    Manchester United currently top the league with their transfer business, evidently planned throughout last season and tied up many weeks ago. They look like a team that has had a pre-season together. Contrast this with Arsenal who, despite a number of panic bids as the window closed, were unable to secure any new signings. This coupled with their best striker Alexis Sanchez openly expressing a desire to leave and the club is entering the season on the back-foot, facing an uphill battle and already well-behind the title contenders.

    If you have an ‘Alexis Sanchez’ on your team, do not wait for them to start showing signs of itchy feet. Reward loyalty and always ensure the team feels valued; be it through financial incentives or wider benefits. Most importantly, never panic recruit. More last-minute deadline day purchases flop than flourish, so always look and plan as much as possible to avoid recruiting on your own deadline day. 


    London, Sean Doherty, Midlands,

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