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  • Which region has the x factor for relocates?

    Posted on 27th April 2017 in Blog


    57% of legal professionals would up sticks and take a job in another region according to our survey which attracted 3,000 legal sector respondents. It was a similar story last year but is an increase on the 53% of lawyers who declared their itchy feet in 2015.


    Naturally, there is a bit of a swing across the age groups with the tipping point being around the age of 35. Approximately two thirds of lawyers under the age of 35 would take a role outside of the region they are currently residing in compared to just a third over the age of 35.

    If you are considering relocating then check out our interview with David Varnham, a Banking Partner who we placed in to the Birmingham based office of Mills and Reeve, following his decision to relocate and leave his London based Allen and Overy role.     

    We have also crunched some of our legal sector specific big data to find out which regions are successfully attracting talent from outside of their locality and which ones are most at risk of the dreaded brain drain. 


    Attraction is up, 17% of London based legal professionals surveyed had relocated to the region compared to 15% in 2016. Retention is down with 31% of legal professionals stating they would not consider relocation for their next role compared to 42% last year. With 58% of all legal professionals happy with their salary and 63% happy in their job we have London an x factor of 169.

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    Home Counties and Eastern

    1 in 5 legal professionals surveyed had relocated to the region for their current role compared to nearly 1 in 4 in 2016. 31% are settled and would not consider a role outside of their region compared to 35% in 2016. Salary satisfaction and job satisfaction are amongst the highest in the country which helped boost the Home Counties and Eastern x factor to 183.

    Search Home Counties and Eastern England based legal jobs

    South West

    The most attractive region for legal professionals according to our survey with 26% have relocated there for their job which is a few points down from the 28% in 2016. South West based Solicitors and legal professionals are amongst the happiest in their jobs but salary satisfaction ranks the lowest in the country and has pushed the region into second place with an x factor of 1.84.     

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    The most active talent pool outside of London 19% of the region’s legal professionals we surveyed had relocated to take a job in the Midlands which was down from 24% in 2016 but still placed it on the top half of the attraction index. 36% of the talent pool is settled in the region and would not consider a relocate for another role. Average salary satisfaction coupled with some challenging job satisfaction rates saw the Midlands return an x factor of 174.

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    North West

    The least magnetic of the regions with only 9% of respondents stating that they had relocated for their most recent role comparted to 11% in 2016. The region more than makes up for its lack of magnetism with consistently high retention figures meaning once you are in you don’t want to leave. The North West sits top of the table for salary satisfaction but disappointing job satisfaction rates saw the region post an x factor of 169 and bring up the rear with London.

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    Yorkshire and the North East

    Just 15% of legal professionals relocated to Yorkshire and the North East to take their most recent role compared to 19% in 2016. The region is the top of the tree when it comes to retention however with 43% not interested in relocating for a legal job up from 40% in 2016. This added to top level rates of happiness in job and salary satisfaction meant that Yorkshire and the North East earned an x factor of 186 meaning Leeds, York, Newcastle, Sheffield and the likes should be on your radar if you are considering relocating for your next job in the legal sector.    

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    If you are considering a relocation you could do worse than get on touch with multi-award winning legal recruitment specialists Douglas Scott.

    Contact your local Douglas Scott branch and ask to speak to a senior recruitment consultant about your prospective relocation.

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