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  • Pro-Brexit lawyers stick to their principles

    Posted on 1st March 2017 in News

    9 out of 10 lawyers who voted for Brexit would do the same given the opportunity. 22% of the 1,300 Solicitors, Legal Executives, Paralegals and other legal professionals who responded to a recent Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment survey, voted in favour of leaving the European Union in June 2016.

    According to the research, Remainers were even more steadfast with 98% stating they would vote the same way in a 2nd referendum.

    Some regional variations were noted, 9% of North East England based legal professionals who voted to remain would vote differently given the opportunity. 1 in 5 Brexit voting legal professionals in the South East would vote differently if they had the chance along with 22% of those based in the North East.

    The top 3 legal sector Remainers were Wales at 95%, London 84% and the South West 82%. Top 3 legal sector Leavers were Eastern England at 43%, the Midlands 31% and Yorkshire 38%.

    Jonathan Nolan, Director of Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment commented “While the legal sector as a whole was in favour of remaining it’s interesting that post event both sides are pretty much sticking to their principles. The die is cast now as preparations to exit Europe enter the final stages, like every other business law firms will have to face up to the challenges and be prepared to act quickly on the opportunities that independence from the European Union will serve up.”

    The government is expected to formally trigger Article 50 by the end of March 2017.

    Is Brexit going to influence your career choices? 30% of the 2017 legal talent pool is motivated to move legal jobs to progress their careers. 66% of all legal professionals secured a pay rise when they secured a new legal job which averaged 27% of their previous salary. Contact one of our expert legal recruitment consultants for the best possible advice on your next career move.               


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