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  • Majority of legal professionals against Brexit

    Posted on 28th May 2016 in News

    57% of legal professionals want the UK to stay in the European Union and 35% are in favour of a Brexit according to a poll undertaken by leading legal recruitment specialists Douglas Scott. Over 500 respondents shared their opinion ahead of the referendum that takes place on The Thursday 23rd June 2016.

    The biggest stay vote came from lawyers residing in Scotland with 91% voting in favour of EU membership. 70% of legal professionals living in the South West and 66% of London based lawyers were also against Brexit. 67% of legal professionals based in Wales were pro-Brexit.


    The majority of legal professionals living in the East Midlands were also in favour of Brexit with 41% voting to leave and 18% still undecided.     

    59% of those surveyed were qualified Solicitors and CILEX. 53% of qualified legal professionals wanted to stay in the EU with 36% in favour of Brexit. 63% of non-qualified were stayers and 33% wanted to leave the EU. The remainder had yet to decide or were indifferent as to the result.   

    Douglas Scott's Managing Director Kathryn Riley thinks the poll provides some early insight into how the referendum debate is shaping "I will be voting to stay in the EU as I think it makes sense on a personal and commercial level. However it would be wrong to underestimate the depth of underlying dissatisfaction that exists in the electorate. The outcome of the referendum is not as cut and dried as some people think."


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