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    5 days ago

    6 super smelling perfumes on the cards for Mother's Day

    Need some Mother's Day inspiration? The Douglas Scott team name some of their favourite fragrances, find out what they say and what you are going to pay.

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    3 weeks ago

    Pro-Brexit lawyers stick to their principles

    9 out of 10 lawyers who voted for Brexit would do the same given the opportunity. 22% of 1,300 legal professionals surveyed voted in favour of leaving the European Union in June 2016.

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    2 months ago

    Find your A game this February

    Been under a cloud in January? Recruitment Consultant Rachel Marshall offers five tips to help ambitious legal professionals finally ditch the winter blues and find their A game this February.

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    2 months ago

    Tech for lawyers: time to ditch the 6?

    Beyond vanity are there any other reasons legal professionals should be ditching the 6 in favour of a mobile phone that can cost up to £1,000 of your hard earned cash?

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    4 months ago

    £20m letting agent fee bonus

    76,000 lawyers will be financially better off next year, when the government finally gets around to banning letting agent’s fees. They stand to benefit from savings totalling over £20.3m.

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    6 months ago

    Solicitors, should you pimp your profiles?

    Until recently Solicitor profiles on the Law Society Find a Solicitor site contained very basic details. The Law Society is now encouraging firms and Solicitors to provide further information...

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    8 months ago

    UK Lawyers take step to Brexit Proof careers

    Nobody is sticking their heads in the sand but Lawyers have been around for about 800 years, no surprise then to hear that the UK’s law firms and Solicitors are taking steps to Brexit proof their futures.

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    10 months ago

    Majority of legal professionals against Brexit

    57% of legal professionals want the UK to stay in the European Union and 35% are in favour of Brexit according to a poll undertaken by Douglas Scott

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    11 months ago

    Which is the legal sector's most transient talent pool?

    We got granular with the data we crunched when producing the Salary & Benefits Benchmarker pinpointing the most transient practice areas and job functions.

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    1 year ago

    Historic seachange but figures still don't stack up.

    It’s nearly 100 since women were first allowed to practice as Solicitors, as a result of the Sex Disqualification Act which was passed in 1919. Fast forward to 2016...

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    1 year ago

    The top 10 inflationary buys for Lawyers

    The Office or National Statistics has announced that it has changed some of the items in its basket of 700 goods and services. Removal can be a sign of the times

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    1 year ago

    What the Price of Oil Could Mean to Legal

    There seems to be plenty of noise now about the potential for the global economy being derailed by low oil prices.

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