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  • Legal sector needs to work harder to retain talent

    Posted on 15th June 2017 in News

    The number of lawyers who believe they could achieve partnership with their current firm has fallen 10% in 12 months according to insight produced by Douglas Scott.

    In 2015 32% of lawyers believed they could make partner with their current employer, that figure grew to 41% in 2016 but in 2017 it fell back to 30%. 

    31% of female lawyers do not believe they could achieve the ambition with their current employer compared to 35% 12 months ago. 27% of male lawyers are of the same mind compared to 28% in 2016

    There is quite a lot of variation across legal sector employer types.

    UK200 law firms and Top 50 employers fared best with 39% of lawyers believing they could make partnership in their firm, 75% of high street based lawyers were in no doubt they had to move employers to make partnership. 70% of top 100 and In-House lawyers were of the same mind. 

    Douglas Scott legal recruitment places Solicitors and legal professionals of all levels in to the best legal opportunities across private practice and in-house legal sectors.   


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