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  • Female lawyers, you're having a laugh!

    Posted on 8th March 2017 in News

    Three quarters of all female legal professionals are happy in their jobs compared to 60% of their male counterparts. That’s according to a survey of 3,000 legal sector respondents carried out by legal recruitment specialists Douglas Scott.

    Happiness at work is not however clipping female lawyers’ wings. 29% of the female legal talent pool is actively looking for a new role at any one time the same as the percentage of male legal talent.

    The main career motivator for both genders is progression, with 25% of female and 31% of male lawyers ticking those boxes.    

    Female lawyers are less inclined to relocate for the right legal job, 2 in 3 male legal professionals would up sticks compared to 1 in 2 women working in the sector.

    Kathryn Riley, founder and Managing Director of Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment commented “These statistics help us understand that happiness at work is not a singular retention driver, employees are considering the whole of the proposition which includes remuneration, benefits, culture and prospects. The difference in happiness at work is interesting and although we may have just a captured a moment in time here, come on guys, pull your fingers out, work is so much more enjoyable in the company of happy, fun people.”    

    Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment is a multi-award winning legal recruitment specialist with a network of connections spanning local, regional, national and international law firms and in house legal departments. Our business – put simply – is to remove the pain points Solicitors, Legal Executives, Paralegals and legal professionals can experience on their recruitment journeys.

    If you are one of the 29% then you should browse our Jobs Board to get a flavour of the legal opportunities we are working on. After that you may prefer to contact one of our legal recruitment consultants based in the London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds offices.    


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    Female lawyers, you're having a laugh!

    Three quarters of all female legal professionals are happy in their jobs compared to 60% of their male…

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